What are the current fringe benefit rates?

The current rates can be found at OSP’s Employee Benefit Cost Table

What is the CICOES indirect cost rate?

There is no unique rate for CICOES. The UW charges indirect costs based on the location of the project:

• On campus: 07/18-06/20 = 54.5%
• Off campus: 26%
• Applied Physics Lab (APL): see OSP’s Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate Table

What if part of the project takes places on campus and part off campus; can there be two different indirect cost rates?

Not usually. The general UW rule is the rate is determined by where the majority of the work is done (i.e., on campus, off campus or APL). If there are distinct parts of the project that take place in different UW departments and one is on campus and the other off campus, then two different indirect costs can be used if–when funded–the two parts are set up in separate budgets.

When there is a subcontract/subaward on a proposal, what information is required from the subcontracted institution?

Basically, a mini-proposal is needed: cover page (signed by the appropriate administration official at the other institution), statement of work, budget, biographical sketch(es), current & pending support pages, facilities information (all usually in NSF-style format).

When do I have to get the completed grant proposal to you?

The finished proposal has to be at CICOES at least five working days prior to the deadline.

Whose name should I put for the official Institutional Representative?

Carol Rhodes
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
Seattle, WA
(206) 543-4043

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