Research Visits


Each year, CICOES management will budget money to support travel for research visits; the amount will be approximately 5% of the annual Task I award. Our current estimate is that this will be sufficient to fund 7 to 10 visits per year.

Research visits are intended to enhance research projects involving CICOES scientists and their collaborators at the University of Washington and the NOAA research institutions in Seattle. Some examples of possible activities are:

  • A short visit of a few days by a research collaborator
  • A short visit by a distinguished visitor to present a seminar and interact with local scientists
  • Local accommodations for a visitor to spend a week to a month in Seattle
  • Workshop support
  • Trip by a CICOES scientist to participate in a workshop or meeting or visit collaborators

Priority will be given to visits that have shared funding and that involve multiple scientists in the local community.

Application and Approval

An application for funding of a visitor to CICOES consists of a letter from the sponsoring scientist. The letter should describe the motivation for the visit, the anticipated outcomes, and an estimate of cost. If appropriate, the application may include a second letter from the visitor describing motivation and anticipated outcomes. An application for funding of travel by a CICOES scientist consists of a letter describing the reason for the trip, anticipated outcomes, an estimate of cost, and an explanation of why this travel cannot be funded by research funds.

Applications for funding should be sent to the CICOES Director. The CICOES Director and Deputy Director will decide whether the request will be funded and at what level.

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