Employee Separation

Checklist for Ending UW Employment

Below is a guidance checklist for employees, supervisors and CICOES administration to follow when someone is resigning or retiring from their CICOES/UW position.

Employee Responsibilities


  1. Meet with your supervisor to discuss your departure. Determine what the last date of employment will be, remembering to include planned vacation days to be taken before separation date.
  2. Submit your letter of resignation letter (email is fine) to your supervisor with a copy to the CICOES assistant director; remember to include your separation date.
  3. Contact the Integrated Service Center at ischelp@uw.edu regarding ending medical/dental insurance, handling retirement plan contributions, etc.
  4. Review your leave records in Workday to view your balance. If you don’t plan to use up your annual leave, you will be paid for the balance upon separation, up to 240 hours, and as long as you were employed for at least 6 months
  5. Confirm in Workday that your address is correct because your final check and W-2 form will be sent there (or your check may be direct deposited).
  6. Update your voice mail message to advise callers of your separation and leave a number callers can use for assistance in your absence.
  7. Set up an auto-reply email message to let others know you have separated or forward your account to another employee.
  8. Provide supervisor with passwords to computer departmental files and voice mail access code.
  9. Provide location of data, computer and paper files; if necessary, move files to shared drives or provide a portable drive.
  10. Make an appointment in the CICOES main office to discuss any questions you have about ending employment, to do an exit interview (optional) and to turn in any of the following in your possession:
  • Building/departmental keys (building, office, file cabinets)
  • Husky card – can be kept by employee if they want
  • U-PASS – Your annual U-PASS must be cancelled by contacting Commuter Services, or returned to the University
  • Parking Permit – Return to Parking Office for refund of unused days
  • ProCard
  • ENTRUST token
  • Travel VISA card
  • UW-owned Cell phone
  • UW-owned Laptop
  • Any other equipment or materials belonging to, or purchased by, UW, CICOES, or NOAA


All of the information above applies to retirees. In addition, retirees must officially retire from the UW in order to obtain all rights and benefits. Start your process by contacting the UW Benefits Office at totalben@uw.edu or 206-543-4444. This office can provide guidance as to the steps you must take to officially retire. Check information on the Retirement website. The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems has additional information on their website.

Supervisor/Departmental Responsibilities

  1. Ensure the separating employee follows all of the above steps.
  2. Collect all keys (office, building, desk, and file cabinets) building use permits, and all other pertinent items on the checklist above, including all official cards and equipment in the possession of the employee. Request from CICOES Admin to remove the employee from electronic building access system database.
  3. Discuss how the separating employee’s email will be handled and ensure employee follows the procedure outlined above. For other questions, please email help@uw.edu or call 206-221-5000.
  4. Determine the location of computer and paper files; if necessary, move office files to shared drives.  Obtain departmental computer passwords and computer access.
  5. Remove/delete access to network directories. For Nebula computers, contact help@uw.edu
  6. Cancel Procurement Card: (applies to employees transferring to another department) Department administrator should email procard@uw.edu, and should then destroy and dispose of the card. For questions, call the Procurement hotline at 543-5252
  7. Collect Travel Visa Card: 543-5252 or email procard@uw.edu to request cancellation of the card; include the cardholder’s name and last four digits of the account number.
  8. Do not cancel the individual’s Travel Card if they are transferring to a different department.

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