New Employees

Welcome to CICOES

Step 1

Meet with the CICOES payroll coordinator and assistant director when starting employment to sign up on UW payroll, to learn about new employee orientation, and to receive an overview of CICOES as a UW department that collaborates closely with NOAA.

Bring ID for verification of employment eligibility. See Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9) for a full listing of accepted identification documents.

If your work location is Wallace Hall, you will receive an office key, and you will have your UW Husky card activated to be able to enter the building before or after regular hours.

If your work location is NOAA, you will receive instructions to undergo the federal security check and be given office space, keys, etc.

Step 2

Complete a W-4 form in Workday. Follow the step by step guide to updating federal withholding elections.

Step 3

During your first week of employment, go to the New Employee Orientation website and follow the directions to complete your orientation. The orientation provides important information on UW policies and provides information about how to obtain a UW Husky Card, etc.

Go to a Benefits Orientation so that you will have the information you need to make the best choices regarding medical, dental insurance, retirement and other investment programs, etc.

Step 4

Create your UW NetID. This becomes your @uw email address and allows you to obtain a UW Husky ID card. Note: this can be done only after the CICOES payroll department has entered you into the Workday system.

Other Information

MyUW: With the UW NetID employees can access their MyUW webpage with information and links to UW Administrative sites, Human Resources, Benefits, and other campus departments and services.

Workday: You will access your personal employment information via the Workday system. There are training opportunities available to learn more about this system.

Leave Policy: All professional-level staff may use annual and sick leave after completing one month of service. Classified staff may use sick leave after one month of service and annual leave after six months. Personal Holiday (one day of leave) is available to all staff after 4 months of service

Leave Requests: University of Washington rules require that employees notify their administrative supervisor when they plan to take annual leave. You will request approval from your supervisor through the Workday system.

Travel Guidelines: Before traveling, review CICOES’s Travel information and send requests to Collen Marquist. Collen will facilitate your trip and answer your questions. She will prepare your reimbursement via the Travel Expense Voucher form (TEV). For general travel information go to Travel at the UW.

Research Cruises/Field Pay: If you are required to work on a scientific cruise or work in the field, review the documentation form on the Cruise and Flight Policy page. Questions on this should be directed to M. Jones at

Purchasing Guidelines: For general information, go to CICOES’s Purchasing information. Please fill out a request form and mail or fax it to Collen Marquist. You will need the budget number and PI’s signature on the form before purchases can be made.

CICOES Publication Policy: All papers funded, or partially funded, by CICOES must have a contribution number and include an acknowledgment upon publication.

Note: There are additional hiring instructions for Research Associates (postdocs) and foreign nationals. If you fall in one of these categories, the CICOES Assistant Director and Payroll Coordinator will give you guidance.

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