Performance Reviews

Both the employee and the supervisor participate in the annual performance review process each spring. The process begins with the employee’s completion of the CICOES self-evaluation form, which will be a review of the past year’s performance. That information can then be incorporated into the CICOES performance evaluation form completed by the supervisor. These evaluations and an updated job description for each employee are sent to Abby Zorn by the deadline indicated in her communication to all personnel on the process.

Employee Self-Evaluation Form
Supervisor Performance Evaluation Form
Performance Review Process Guidance



Job Descriptions — Employee job descriptions should be updated annually during the performance review process.The employee should update the description with the review and input of the supervisor. In the case of CICOES/PMEL employees, both the UW supervisor and the PMEL advisor should have input and approve the description. Examples of typical descriptions are available from Abby Zorn. The employee and supervisor should keep current copies and a copy should be sent to Abby with the annual performance review form.

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