Supervisor Responsibilities

Important guidelines: Remember to always maintain confidentiality with regard to HR matters, and to exercise fair and equal treatment to each member of your group.

Supervisory Training — Complete UW Strategic Leadership Training and be familiar with the UW regulations governing UW/CICOES employees. UW/CICOES is responsible, accountable and liable for all actions and decisions taken for all UW/CICOES personnel. Learn UW policies regarding staff, or where to get relevant information.

Overall supervision — Take the lead in managing the UW/CICOES employees you are supervising, keeping the NOAA group leader informed of work progress, performance issues, problems, improvement plans, etc. Consider feedback from the NOAA leader(s) regarding CICOES employee(s) but make your own decisions regarding any action(s) to be taken in collaboration with CICOES administration.

Advocacy — Serve as employee advocate, providing information and resources, facilitating staff development opportunities, trainings, and conference attendance/participation. Serve as liaison between CICOES employee, NOAA and/or UW.

Approval authority — Approve timesheets, annual leave, and, in consultation with NOAA or UW budget authority, approve overtime and comp time.

Accountability — Ensure employee accountability by being consistently aware of employee work assignments, productivity, etc., in collaboration with NOAA or UW group leaders.

Job performance issues — Conduct performance reviews, soliciting feedback from NOAA or UW group leaders; manage performance problems as necessary. Assist with performance improvement plans and disciplinary procedures when required, in collaboration with CICOES administration.

Promotions/salary increases — Initiate process for needed promotions and/or salary increases (in collaboration with NOAA or UW group leaders and CICOES administration). Complete necessary forms and manage process with CICOES HR Manager.

Hiring — Serve as hiring representative for CICOES, writing job descriptions, job ads, completing job request forms, etc., in collaboration with CICOES HR Manager.

Health and safety — Ensure that supervisees are aware of CICOES’s health and safety plans (one for those at UW and one for those at NOAA) and how to find them online – Emergency Preparedness and Safety.  Employees can print them, or ask Collen for copies.  In addition, ensure that all supervisees understand the UW Online Accident Reporting System (OARS).  Whenever any employee has an accident/incident or becomes ill during the course of their work, either at their regular station or in the field, it is required that an OARS report be submitted.  There are several reasons for this, but the major one is so that the state Worker’s Compensation insurance covers  medical costs.

Information resource — Contact Abby Zorn at whenever you have HR-related questions.

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