Payroll and Leave

M. Jones is the CICOES Payroll Coordinator. Please contact her at 206-616-1407 or with any questions.

Payroll Instructions

Cruise Timesheet

Timesheet and Leave Approval Instructions

Workday is the system used for UW payroll and HR actions. General information and user guides are available through the Integrated Service Center. CICOES no longer uses the monthly timesheets to note work and leave hours. Professional staff now uses Workday to request time off; these employees no longer need to report hours worked.

CICOES will continue to use the cruise/field pay time sheets that are linked above. If you have cruise or field pay, fill out the cruise/field documentation form and send it to the payroll coordinator. She will enter the extra hours for you.

You may check your annual and sick leave balances at any time by going to your leave record in Workday.

CICOES Policy on Release Pay for Grant Writing

CICOES Principal Investigators (PIs) (i.e., Research Scientists whose payroll appointment is through CICOES and have PI status) whose salaries are 100% derived from sponsored projects (i.e., grants, contracts and other externally funded research projects), are entitled to have a small portion of their regular salary paid by the CICOES Operations budget when writing a new – competitive grant proposal (does not include revisions, non-competing continuations or renewals) that is submitted through CICOES.  This is not additional pay, but a brief change in the source of funding, to allow PIs release time from regular duties for grant writing.

The amount of release pay is:

  • Lead PI of entire project = 3 days equivalent (13.5% of a month).
  • Lead CICOES PI of collaborative project = 1.5 days equivalent (6.75% of a month).

These funds are not automatically paid. Requests for release pay must be submitted in writing to the CICOES Administrator, no more than 30 days after the proposal has been submitted. No PI can receive more than the equivalent of nine days of release pay in any one fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

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