Before all travel contact Nomie Torres ( or 206-685-3673) for domestic travel and Collen Marquist ( or 206-685-6548) for foreign travel, to discuss your plans. UW travel rules are complex and there are actions that need to be completed before travel to ensure proper reimbursement. See travel Guidelines for complete rules and details on travel arrangements.

Rules and Procedures

Before trip:

  • Complete a Travel Request form with expense estimates (see box at left).
  • Obtain approval signature. Approval is tied to the budget number and must be authorized by a UW PI or budget authority designee.
  • Scan form then email or fax (206-685-3397) to Collen Marquist (international and Guam) or Nomie Torres (all U.S. including Puerto Rico).
  • Review travel Guidelines for information on making flights and hotel arrangements, obtaining per diem advances, health allowances, and other travel related information, especially the Foreign Travel information.

After trip:

  • Complete a Travel Expense Summary form.
  • Scan all required receipts and documentation.
  • Email to Collen Marquist (international and Guam) or Nomie Torres (all U.S. including Puerto Rico)
  • Expenses processed in Ariba.
  • Wait for approval email and then review online expense report.
  • Review trip information on Ariba’s eTravel site.
  • Approve Ariba expense report (see Guidelines).
  • Check is prepared and directly deposited in your bank account.

University of Washington travel policies and procedures 

Research Cruise and Research Flight Policy

Coordinating and performing research activities on research vessels or research flights is often demanding resulting in exceptional time commitments by research staff working on the vessel or flight. In order to recognize the extensive additional hours worked by research staff on research flights and cruises, CICOES has developed a Cruise and Flight Policy.

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