Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with CICOES

Submit travel summary and receipts within 90 days of return or tax withholding will be taken from the reimbursement.

Advance Funds

Must be $300 or greater.

Once the completed and signed Travel Request form is received by CICOES, submit advance request via email to Collen or Nomie (no additional form required). Indicate number of days in each location.


Coach fare only. For additional leg room, see Coach Plus airfare below.

Once the completed and signed Travel Request Form is received by Collen or Nomie, contact CICOES’s travel agent Michael Henrichs at Michael_henrichs at (206-658-4651 or 1-877-429-5787) to make your reservation. (Alternate travel agents at Corporate Travel Management can be emailed at uw at

If you are hosting a visitor, submit the individual’s travel request and email address to Collen or Nomie and they will guide the visitor through the travel process, including how to contact the travel agent for flight reservations.

Business class fare allowed if entire one-way flight (including layovers) is more than 14 hours and approved by PI.

When traveling on NOAA cooperative institute budgets, US flag airlines must be used unless no US carrier offers flight or other exceptional circumstances (Fly America Act). See Foreign Travel below.

Open Skies Agreement Countries

Baggage Fees

Receipt required for reimbursement regardless of amount.

Business Class – Air and Rail

Only allowed by prior approval of the Dean of the College of the Environment for travel less than 14 hours, including layovers. When travel to or from a foreign location is 14 hours or greater, including layover, business class seating or staying in lodging for one night (not to exceed 24 hours) is allowable with prior approval on travel request.

Car Rental

Receipt required for reimbursement regardless of amount. For reduced rates, use Enterprise/National and use contract code 45WA033 and company name WAS. You must be the only driver unless you are working with another UW employee. Go to Enterprise website and click on business tab to get started.

More UW car rental guidelines and details

Coach Plus Seating

If needed to accommodate health needs, contact Collen to have approval added to expense reimbursement. Cost of additional airfare must be identifiable from regular airfare, so it can be applied to a non-grant budget.

Currency Exchange

Collen calculates exchange rate on OANDA website for all expenses in foreign currency unless you provide exact USD charges from bank statement.

Currency Exchange Fees

Not reimbursable, considered to be covered by foreign meal per diem.


Prior to travel, study and take action on guidelines provided on the Office of Global Affairs page.


When taking equipment on foreign travel be prepared at US Customs reentry to show a receipt for the item and/or a confirmation letter signed by the CICOES Deputy Director. See the Equipment Inventory Office Customs page for details.

Foreign Travel

When traveling on NOAA cooperative institute budgets, flights using UW carriers only and US carriers with an “operated by” code share (must be ticketed subsidiary to US company) can be ticketed without NOAA approval. Contact Collen or Fred prior to arranging travel. CICOES must purchase all tickets; we can not reimburse foreign airfare for cooperative agreement budgets that did not get prior approval from NOAA.

Foreign airline reservations can be made through Corporate Travel Management (see airfare notes above).

Some budgets require prior approval from sponsor for foreign travel, contact Fred Averick if unsure.

More foreign travel information

Foreign Visitors or Travelers

To be reimbursed, foreign visitors must provide scans of visa, passport photo page, paper or electronic I-94 form, entry stamp page, and other forms based on entry status (J1 – DS-2019; F1 – I-20). Canadian citizens can provide a copy of either the driver’s license and social insurance card or copy of identity page in passport.


Allowable costs include medical evaluation, vaccinations, prescriptions, chest x-ray, TB test, and other items based on requirements. Prescriptions must be described on receipts, amounts only are not acceptable. A health authorization memo must be signed by the CICOES administrator. Costs are reimbursable prior to travel.


Not reimbursable. Personal health insurance liaison in emergencies is Daniel Brencic, Global Travel Security Manager (see Emergency above).

Internet Fees

Allowable and a receipt is required for all uses including in airports and during flights. When traveling to a conference, usually when resorts charge a “resort fee,” internet access is one item in the list of services. Find this description on the website and provide the URL to Collen or Nomie. Without this justification, resort fees will be denied by the Travel Office.


Fully detailed receipts are required to be able to separate room rate from room service or mini bar charges (not allowable), internet (allowable), parking or valet parking (must be required by hotel), business center access (allowable), etc.

Reservations can be made via websites, and lodging paid for prior to travel is immediately reimbursable. Any bonafide, legal rental may be used such as AirBnb.

Justification for reimbursement greater than the per diem rate must be fully documented before travel or during travel in the case of needing to change reservations. Be informed of what is sufficient documentation prior to travel.


Receipts are not required. Full per diem is calculated for all travel based on location(s). Please provide complex travel itineraries on the Detailed Travel Movements form to document timing and location of movements.

Membership Fees

Since the cost of membership can’t be allocated to one project – even when it’s required to attend a meeting at the member rate – membership costs cannot be paid on grants.


Mileage calculation must be via Google Maps or Mapquest. When using personal vehicle, an airfare comparison must be searched online prior to travel. You are reimbursed for the cost of the airline ticket, not miles driven, if airfare is less. Airfare calculation should be reasonable based on the plans you would have made for the trip.

More details on reimbursement for use of personal car  

Personal Travel

It is allowable for UW employees to take annual leave before or after business travel, however do not assume reimbursement of airfare for trips that include personal time. Comparison airfare must be provided and documented prior to travel. Make note of date and time that personal leave starts and ends. It is best to cover requirements thoroughly with Collen prior to making arrangements.


Regardless of cost, some items require receipts; specifically airfare, baggage fees, supplies, and car rentals. Generally items under $75 do not require receipts, however best practice is to provide them. Scanned, photographed, and faxed receipts are allowed. Card transaction statements are acceptable if no other receipt is available (except for lodging and car rental).


Registration can be paid for by Collen or Nomie with CICOES’s ProCard. For sites requiring a user ID and password, send the information to them. A copy of the meeting/conference website URL is needed with the travel request at time of purchase.


Reimbursable with receipts. If it may not be clear what the supply is for, describe research purpose.


Tip is allowable. Foreign taxi currency exchange is calculated by Collen unless bank transaction of amount is provided. If the driver has no way to provide a receipt, record the expense in the foreign currency paid. For Uber and other types of car service, forward email receipts to Collen or Nomie.


Tips are allowable for car service and foreign research vessel steward payments. Have steward sign or initial your record of payments. Tips to hotel workers are considered to be covered by foreign meal per diem.

Travel Card

For all expenses related to travel that cannot be paid for by a CICOES ProCard (contact Collen), UW policy encourages employees to use a UW Travel Card issued by JP Morgan Chase. The application can be found here. The card has a 60 day pay period rather than one month.


Costs can be submitted prior to travel with a travel request.


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