JISAO’s Colleen Hoffman and Sara Sanchez to Present at UW Postdoc Research Symposium

Colleen Hoffman

JISAO’s Collen Hoffman is one of 10 UW postdoctoral associates chosen to speak at UW’s Annual Research Symposium on September 20, 2019. Colleen will be presenting her work in a talk called “Characterizing organic ligands in hydrothermal plumes along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.” Joining Colleen will be JISAO’s Sara Sanchez who was invited to present her poster titled “Using coral-based data assimilation to investigate the response of the tropics to volcanic eruptions.”

The symposium starts at 1:00 pm on Friday, September 20, in UW’s South Campus Center.

This annual event serves to showcase a tiny portion of the tremendous work conducted by UW postdocs and is presented by the University of Washington Postdoctoral Association (UWPA), the organization that represents all of the postdocs working at UW and affiliated institutions. UWPA continually strive to maximize the experience of postdocs and is committed to enhancing the welfare and fostering the professional development of the entire postdoctoral community.