CICOES academic training includes undergraduate students, UW graduate students, and postdoctoral research associates.

Since 1978, CICOES (formerly JISAO) has supported Postdoctoral Research Associates who have conducted leading research in collaboration with research scientists from NOAA, CICOES, and faculty from CICOES-affiliated departments. CICOES has also run a nationally recognized Summer Internship Program for over a decade that promotes opportunities for undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds and schools across the country. In 2019 CICOES initiated the Graduate Student Fellowship Program to support graduate students conducting research in association with CICOES, NOAA, and other UW research scientists.

Interns outside following their final presentations
JISAO’s 2016 summer interns

A large part of CICOES education effort involves our mission of creating a more diverse work force that reflects the global and interdisciplinary nature of environmental research. This value is integrated throughout the organization and in collaborations with NOAA, UW, and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest region. CICOES works with these partners to reach the widest audience possible to increase the participation of underrepresented communities in the sciences and mentor the next generation of scientists.

Perhaps the most noteworthy success is that of the CICOES Summer Internship Program. This Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) began with one student in 2008 and has expanded to include 93 students since 2009. At least 18 of those students are currently in graduate school – including five at UW – and nine others have completed graduate degrees at schools such as Stanford University, Penn State University, City College of New York, Colorado State University, Fordham University, University of California, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, and UW. Our first intern, Ángel Adames, is currently an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin.

CICOES Intern Program Flyer

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