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CICOES supports educational and diversity outreach with the goal of promoting environmental literacy among students and the general public, and creating a future workforce that reflects the diversity of our nation with skills in science, math, engineering and technology.

Nick Bond interacting with the public
Nick Bond demonstrating his research with visitors at Science Expo Day

These educational goals are also of great importance to the University of Washington. With CICOEs’s long-standing presence on the UW campus (beginning as JISAO in 1977) it is strategically positioned at the environmental core of an internationally recognized institution of higher education and research. This serves to advance NOAA’s educational goals in addition to its scientific and environmental stewardship goals. CICOES facilitates and supports outreach through K-12 partnerships, undergraduate and graduate research programs, and events for the general public.

The value of diversity is a common thread throughout CICOES’s education and outreach efforts. CICOES is committed to building and fostering an organization that reflects the global nature of interdisciplinary research in the environmental sciences. Inclusion of underrepresented groups is promoted through partnerships with a wide variety of UW, NOAA and community programs, as well as planned collaborations with local tribal colleges. A past partnership involved the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Research at Howard University in which both institutions collaborated on a research experience for undergraduates (REU) which grew into the summer internship program CICOES currently offers.

Outreach Highlights

Pacific Science Center Events

CICOES routinely partners with Pacific Science Center on community education and outreach events bringing science to kids, families and adult audiences. Pacific Science Center is a trusted institution known for its outstanding contributions to science education. CICOES, in partnership with Pacific Science Center, is able to deliver significant science content to a wide audience in Seattle and the greater King County community.

Paws-On Science: Husky Weekend

Science Communication Fellowship Program

NOAA Science Camp

CICOES scientists participate each year in NOAA Science Camp offering opportunities for seventh and eighth graders to explore marine science and have fun at the same time. Participants are introduced to earth and ocean sciences and to science careers through hands-on activities emphasizing solutions to real-world problems.

Highlights from Science Camp

JISAO scientists discuss Science Camp

Discover Science Weekend

Each November CICOES researchers team up with the Seattle Aquarium for Discover Science Weekend. The event allows families to explore science together through exciting interactive experiments and hand-on presentations. Scientists from the Aquarium, CICOES, and other organizations in the community talk with the public about their current projects, as well as why and how the research is being conducted.

Undergraduate Internship Program

Each summer CICOES places ten undergraduate interns with UW or NOAA scientists for a nine-week summer research experience. Research at CICOES, UW, and its NOAA partners span the range of environmental sciences with specific emphasis on atmospheric and oceanic sciences. Possible research activities include lab work, computational modeling, and participation in field studies. The chosen applicant’s research interest and abilities will be matched with UW or NOAA scientists and the needs of their research programs.

Full program information and application materials

Outreach Tracker for CICOES Employees

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