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Staff Spotlight: Bonnie Chang

Research Scientist
Bonnie joined JISAO in the fall of 2013, first as a postdoctoral research associate, and now as a research scientist, working with John Bullister (NOAA-PMEL) and Rolf Sonnerup (JISAO). 

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Staff Spotlight: Hannah Zanowski

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Hannah joined JISAO as a postdoctoral research associate in February 2017.  She is a polar oceanographer working with Greg Johnson, Kyle Armour, Cecilia Bitz, and Eric Steig. 

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Maug’s Caldera: A Natural Laboratory

Changing Seas TV: New episode highlights JISAO ocean acidification research
A new episode for the Changing Seas TV series was broadcast this week (June 28) on South Florida PBS WPBT2 focusing on PMEL’s May 2014 expedition to Maug Island, about 450 miles north of Guam to study volcanic ocean acidification. 

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