Angel Adames-Corraliza

2010 JISAO Summer Research Internship
Understanding aerosol optical properties over the American continents
I came from Puerto Rico for a second summer internship with JISAO so I could have a research experience before beginning graduate school at the University of Washington (UW) in the fall. 

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Science Communication Fellows

JISAO Scientists Become Science Communication Fellows Through Program at Pacific Science Center
Drew Hamilton, research scientists in the Atmospheric Chemistry Group, Karin Bumbaco, Assistant State Climatologist, and Guillaume Mauger, postdoctoral research fellow with the Climate Impacts Group, have become official Science Communication Fellows with Pacific Science Center (PSC). 

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Discussing NOAA Science Camp

In the conversation below, JISAO scientists Nick Bond, Mick Spillane and Sonya Brown talk with Cara MariAnna (JISAO Diversity and Outreach coordinator) about NOAA Science Camp and the importance of science education. 

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GEAR UP Summer Institute

Ocean and Climate Literacy
On June 29 and July 20, groups of students from the UW’s GEAR UP program visited JISAO for an afternoon Learning Lab focused on NOAA’s principles of ocean and climate literacy. 

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Around the Americas

Shooting the Sun: Measuring Sunlight at the Earth’s Surface
If it happens to be daytime when you are reading this you can get a sense of how bright the sun is by simply glancing out the window. 

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Everett Scholars Project

GEAR UP Students Visit NOAA at Sand Point
JISAO, the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) and NOAA Corps hosted a visit to the NOAA Sand Point facility for GEAR UP students on November 22, 2008. 

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