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Treasure with her research poster

Treasure Warren

University of California, Davis

Project: Water Column Ocean Acidification Along the California Coast and Biological Impacts Using CASE-BLING Model

My name is Treasure Warren and I am a senior at UC Davis majoring in environmental chemistry.

I had the pleasure of working with Brendan Carter, Adrienne Sutton, and Sophie Chu at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory. My project focused on ocean acidification and seasonal variability of seawater properties along the California Coast using the California State Estimate (CASE-BLING) Model output and CALCOFI bottle data. I narrowed the scope of my project by focusing on pH and aragonite saturation in relation to Mytilus californianus, the California Mussel. Previous studies have reported an aragonite saturation threshold where the California Mussel larvae are susceptible to crushing. By plotting model output for 2007 to 2011 against this threshold, I found that the mussel larvae below 50 meters are susceptible throughout the year, while the mussels at the surface are most susceptible in May. A twenty year projection of this model output shows that mussels at all depths may be susceptible to crushing in April and May in 2027-2031. This project allowed me to learn new computational skills by utilizing python to analyze and visualize large data sets.

Living and working in Seattle for the summer was a blast. Everyone I worked with at NOAA and JISAO was very friendly and resourceful. There was always a fun event to attend or beautiful sights to see after work. I enjoyed explore downtown as well as the outdoors every weekend. I made great friendships with the other interns and developed strong professional relationships with my mentors and colleagues. I look forward to pursuing a graduate degree in chemical oceanography after completing my bachelors degree.

Treasure's research poster