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Will Christian

Will Christian

Michigan Technological University

Project: Dissolved Aluminum from Hydrothermal Sources

My name is William Christian and I worked with Dr. Joseph Resing on Hydrothermal vent chemistry over the summer. I tested water samples from two cruises using flow injection analysis to assess the dissolved aluminum concentrations. Dissolved aluminum can be used as a tracer for hydrothermal activity, and using my data, I was able to create depth profiles for aluminum and see how hydrothermal vents may contribute to the ocean’s aluminum budget. During my time in Seattle, I was also able to explore the area a little bit. A few other interns and I took a trip to the Olympic peninsula, which was one of the most beautiful trips of my life. Another summer highlight was our intern trip to Rainier. This trip was not only cool because we got to take it with most of the interns, along with Jed and Tom, but also because we finally got to see the “hill” you can see from campus, up close. Overall, it was a fantastic summer, I learned more than I could’ve imagined, met some incredible friends, and had a blast.

Will's research poster