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Yoana headshot

Yoana Torres

Heritage University

Research Mentor: Jennifer Cahalan and Brian Mason

Project: Can Random Sampling Be Implemented in the Real World?

When I accepted the JISAO internship, I had absolutely no knowledge of the research I was about to work on. It was a new field to me but I was extremely ecstatic to have been accepted. I put the fear aside and could not wait to get started. There were definitely plenty of challenges after finding out the internship would switch to a remote setting but that did not stop us! I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Cahalan and Brian Mason on the analysis of the M&M training exercise data. This exercise was developed to show how sampling theories are applied in real world situations mainly focusing on its application on a trawl catcher vessel. This was an amazing experience and project that I was very lucky to be a part of.

Yoana's research poster