Al Hermann

Albert J. Hermann

  • Research Scientist


My chief interests are the circulation, plankton and fish dynamics of the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. I collaborate with other physical oceanographers and biologists on numerical models of these regions, as part of the Fisheries Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (Eco-FOCI) group at NOAA/PMEL. Increasingly this work is focused on model-based regional downscaling of anticipated global climate change. Related work centers on 3D visualization of physical and biological model output; this includes individual-based models of fish.

Current Research Projects

  • Model-based downscaling of global climate change to Bering Sea physics and biology Individual-based modeling of snow crabs in the Bering Sea
  • Regional modeling of circulation and lower trophic level dynamics in the Gulf of Alaska
  • Incorporation of 3D ocean data and model output into Google Earth

Selected publications

Hermann, A. J., S. Hinckley, E.L. Dobbins, D.B. Haidvogel and C. Mordy. 2008. Quantifying cross-shelf and vertical nutrient flux in the Gulf of Alaska with a spatially nested, coupled biophysical model. Deep Sea Research II, sub judice.

Williams, W, T. Weingartner, and A. Hermann. 2007. Idealized Modeling of Seasonal Variation in the Alaska Coastal Current J. Geophys. Res.,112, C07001, doi:10.1029/2005JC003285.

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Hermann, A. J., P. J. Stabeno. D. B. Haidvogel and D. L. Musgrave. 2002. A regional tidal/subtidal circulation model of the southeastern Bering Sea: Development, sensitivity analyses and hindcasting. Deep-Sea Res. II (Topical Studies in Oceanography) 49: 5495-5967.

Hermann, A. J., S. Hinckley, B. A. Megrey and J. M. Napp. 2001. Applied and theoretical considerations for constructing spatially explicit Individual-Based Models of marine larval fish that include multiple trophic levels. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 58: 1030-1041.