Andy Chiodi

  • Research Scientist

Air-sea interaction and climate variability of the atmosphere and ocean.

Selected publications

Chiodi, A.M., and D.E. Harrison (2020): Tropical Pacific surface wind energy spectra and coherence: Basin-wide observations and their observing system implications. J. Climate, 33(16), 7141–7154, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0836.1

Chiodi, A.M. (2019): Diagnosing and predicting ENSO SSTA development from moored-buoy and scatterometer winds. J. Climate, 32(24), 8755–8770, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0183.1

Chiodi, A.M., J.P. Dunne, and D.E Harrison (2019): Estimating air-sea carbon flux uncertainty over the tropical Pacific: Importance of winds and wind analysis uncertainty. Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 33(3), 370–390, doi: 10.1029/2018GB006047.

Chiodi, A.M., N.K. Larkin, J.M. Varner, and J.K. Hiers (2019): Sensitivity of prescribed burn weather windows to atmospheric dispersion parameters over southeastern USA. Int. J. Wildland Fire, doi: 10.1071/WF18209.

Chiodi, A.M., N.K. Larkin and J.M. Varner (2018) An analysis of Southeastern US prescribed burn weather windows: seasonal variability and El Niño associations International Journal of Wildland Fire , 27, 176-189, doi: 10.1071/WF17132.

Chiodi, A.M. and D.E. Harrison (2017) Simulating ENSO SSTA from TAO/Triton winds: The impacts of 20 years of buoy observations in the Pacific waveguide and comparison with reanalysis products J. Climate , 30(3), 1041-1059, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-15-0865.1.

Chiodi, A.M. and D.E. Harrison (2017) Observed El Niño SSTA development and the effects of Easterly and Westerly Wind events in 2014-2015. J. Climate, 30(4), 1505-1519, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0385.1.

Harrison, D.E. and Chiodi, A.M. (2017) Comment on ‘Characterizing ENSO coupled variability and its impact on North American seasonal precipitation and temperature’ by L’Heureux, Tippet, and Barnston J. Climate, 30(1), 427-436, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-15-0678.1.

Chiodi, A.M. and D.E. Harrison (2017) 2015-16 El Niño seasonal weather impacts from the OLR event perspective. In 41st NOAA Climate and Diagnostics Prediction Workshop Special Issue, NWS Science & Technology Infusion Climate Bulletin Supplement, National Weather Service, Office of Science and Technology Integration, Orono, ME, 3.6 October 2016, 16-20 Published Online

Chiodi, A.M., N.A. Bond, N.K. Larkin and J. Barbour (2016) Summertime rainfall events in eastern Washington and Oregon. Weather Forecast., 31(5), 1465-1480, doi: 10.1175/WAF-D-16-0024.1.

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Chiodi, A.M. and D.E. Harrison (2015) Equatorial Pacific Easterly Wind Surges and the Onset of La Niña events. J. Climate, 28, 776-792. doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00227.1.

Chiodi, A.M., D.E. Harrison and G.A. Vecchi (2014) Subseasonal atmospheric variability and El Niño waveguide warming: Observed effects of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Westerly Wind Events. J. Climate, 27, 3619-3642. doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-13-00547.1.

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