Ivonne Ortiz

Ivonne Ortiz

  • Senior Research Scientist
  • Education:
    • Ph.D. (2007) Fishries, and M.S. (2002), Fisheries, University of Washington
    • Certificate on Environmental Management (2002), University of Washington
    • B.S. Biology (1997), National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    • 206-526-4692
  • Location:
    • Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Sand Point, Building 4
  • Ecosystem approaches to fisheries management,
  • Spatial dynamics of marine food webs and how they respond to fishing, environmental and climate impacts
  • Food-web, ecosystem and fisheries modeling
  • Ecosystem indicators and ecosystem assessments
  • Applications of high performance computing in ecosystem modeling

Selected publications

Ortiz I., Aydin, K., Hermann, A.J., Gibson, G.A., Punt, A.E., Wiese, F.K., Eisner, L.B., Ferm, N., Buckley, T.W., Moffitt, E.A., Ianelli, J.N., Dalton, M., Cheng, W., Wang, M., Hedstrom, K., Bond, N.A., Curchitser, E.N., and C. Boyd. 2016. Climate to fish: Synthesizing field work, data and models in a 39-year retrospective analysis of seasonal processes on the eastern Bering Sea shelf and slope. Deep-Sea Res. II. 134:,390-412.,

Punt, A.E., I.Ortiz, K.Y. Aydin., G.L. Hunt Jr., F.K. Wiese. 2016. End-to-end modeling as part of an integrated research program in the Bering Sea. Deep Sea Research II 134:413-423.

Moffitt, E., A. E. Punt, K. Holsman, K. Y. Aydin, J. N. Ianelli, and  I. Ortiz. 2016. Moving towards ecosystem-based fisheries management: Options for parameterizing multi-species biological reference points. Deep Sea Research II 134:350-359.

Buckley, T.W., I. Ortiz, S. Kotwicki, K. Aydin. 2016. Summer diet composition of walleye pollock and predator-prey relationships with copepods and euphausiids in the eastern Bering Sea, 1987-2011. Deep-Sea Research II, 134:302-311.

Hunt Jr., G.L., Jr., Ressler, P.H., Gibson, G., DeRobertis, A., Aydin, K., Sigler, M.F., Ortiz, I., Lessard, E.J., Williams, B.C., Pinchuk, A.I., Buckley, T., 2016. Euphausiids in the eastern Bering Sea: A synthesis of recent studies of euphausiid production, consumption and population control. Deep-Sea Res. II 134:204-222.

Huntington, H, Ortiz, I. Noongwook, G., Fidel, M., Childers, D., Morse, M., Beaty, J., Alessa, L., and Kliskey, A. 2013. Mapping human interactions with the Bering Sea ecosystem: comparing seasonal ise areas, lifetime use areas, and “calorie-sheds”. Deep Sea Research II, 94:292-300.

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Zador, S., Ortiz, I. 2016. Ecosystem Consideratrions 2016: Status of the Aleutian Islands Marine Ecosystem, Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Report, North Pacific Fishery Management Council, 605 W 4th Ave, Suite 306, Anchorage, AK 99501