Tim Bates

Timothy S. Bates

  • Senior Research Scientist
  • Education:
    • PhD Environmental Chemistry, University of Washington, 1988
    • MS Oceanography, University of Washington, 1978
    • BA Chemistry, Wittenberg University, 1975
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    • 206-526-6248
  • Location:
    • NOAA PMEL, Building 3

Atmospheric aerosol particles, global change and air quality. The role of the ocean in the chemical composition of the atmosphere and climate change.

Selected publications

Quinn, P.K., D.J. Coffman, J.E. Johnson, L.M. Upchurch, and T.S. Bates (2017), Small fraction of marine cloud condensation nuclei made up of sea spray aerosol, Nature Geoscience, 10, 674-679, doi:10.1038/NGEO03003.

Telg, H., D.M. Murphy, T.S. Bates, J.E. Johnson, P.K. Quinn, F. Giardi, and R.S. Gao (2017), A practical set of miniaturized instruments for vertical profiling of aerosol physical properties, Aerosol Science and Technol., 51(6) 715-723.

Kieber, D.J., W.C. Keene, A.A. Frossard, M.S. Long, J.R. Maben, L.M. Russell, J.D. Kinsey, I.M.B. Tyssebotn, P.K. Quinn, and T.S. Bates (2016), Coupled ocean-atmosphere loss of marine refractory dissolved organic carbon, Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 2765-2772, doi:10.1002/2016GL068273.

Quinn, P.K., T.S. Bates, K. Schulz, D. Coffman, A. Fossard, L. Russell, W. Keene, and D. Kieber (2014), Contribution of sea surface carbon to organic matter enrichment in seaspray aerosol, Nature Geoscience, 7, 228-232, DOI:10.1038/NGEO2092.

Bates, T.S., P.K. Quinn, J.E. Johnson, A. Corless, F.J. Brechtel, S.E. Stalin, C. Meinig, and J.F. Burkhart (2013), Measurements of atmospheric aerosol vertical distributions above Svalbard, Norway, using unmanned aerial systems (UAS), Atmos. Meas. Tech., 6, doi:10.5194/amt-6-2115-2013, 2115-2120.

Bates, T.S., P.K. Quinn, A.A. Frossard, L.M. Russell, J. Hakala, T. Petäjä,
M. Kulmala, D.S. Covert, C.D. Cappa, S.-M. Li, K.L. Hayden, I. Nuaaman,
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Quinn, P.K. and T.S. Bates (2011), The case against climate regulation via oceanic phytoplankton sulfur emissions, Nature, 480, 51-56, doi:10.1038/nature10580.