Employee Recognition

Program Purpose

To provide an award mechanism to recognize the outstanding achievements of CICOES employees

Types of Awards

  • Monetary
  • Discretionary leave
  • Service awards


To be presented at CICOES quarterly meetings

Nomination Procedure

CICOES supervisors may request an award by completing the recommendation form, including UW/CICOES budget to be charged, and forwarding it to the CICOES Administrator.

Award Criteria


One time noteworthy achievement. Completing a difficult project(s), going beyond the call of duty, producing ground-breaking research, etc.

Individual Skills

Enthusiasm, resourcefulness, initiative, innovation, creativity and leadership. . Showing reliability & devotion to the job, positive attitude and/or behavior admired and valued by peers; volunteering for an extra or emergency assignment.

Teamwork Skills

Helping others, serving as a leader or mentor, sharing knowledge/ideas, problem solving, contributing to a positive work environment.

High Standards

Producing work of exceptionally high quality under tight deadlines or other constraints.

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