Professional Development Program

CICOES will pilot a professional development program where employees can apply to use funds toward professional development opportunities. Applications will be reviewed by a committee with representatives from PMEL, AFSC, and Wallace Hall. The CICOES Professional Development fund will total $25,000 in the pilot year.

Funding distribution per application

Conferences: Maximum of $1000 with an additional match of up to $800 for additional funds provided.

  • An employee must present their work at the conference
  • Eligible expenses will include travel and registration costs
  • Proof of registration and travel expenses required in order to be reimbursed
  • Applications for conferences every other year

Stand-alone workshops (ex. POD): Maximum of $800

  • If POD course, submit a purchase request
  • Must show proof of registration in order to be reimbursed
  • Applications for stand-alone workshops may be submitted multiple times per year, keeping in mind the $800 limit

Group workshops (ex. GitHub training): Maximum of $2,500

  • Eligible expenses include hiring a facilitator/specialist and any necessary supplies
  • Groups should have at least 10 people in attendance
  • Applications for group workshops may be submitted once a year

Certificate programs (ex. Data Science): Maximum of $1000

  • Award will be contingent on successful completion of the certificate program or an equivalently-priced module
  • Applications for certificate programs may be submitted once a year

Application process

An interested employee will fill out this form detailing:

  • Description of professional development opportunity
  • Benefit to job
  • Benefit to career
  • Approval from CICOES supervisor and NOAA sponsor (if applicable)

A committee will review applications on a rolling basis via email and aim to respond to applications within two weeks. Employees are encouraged to apply as soon as they are aware of the opportunity.


An employee must be at least 50% FTE with CICOES in order to participate.

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