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Professional Staff: Salary Increases and Promotions

There are several types of increases for professional staff:

The annual university-wide merit increase

This is an annual increase controlled by the University of Washington which is usually a small percentage. The process is administered by the UW upper administration, and information is distributed to supervisors each year in late spring or early summer. Before this process each year, performance reviews and updated job descriptions should be completed for all employees. Instructions for completing the merit increase process are distributed each year by the CICOES assistant director.

An in-grade salary increase

This is an additional award that a supervisor may give an employee for outstanding work. If the employee has performed in an outstanding manner and has room to grow within his/her current grade, an in-grade increase may be warranted.

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Promotion – Position review

A promotion is usually warranted when an employee is performing higher-level duties, is at a high level within his/her grade, and needs to be given a new title and salary grade.

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Classified Staff: Salary Information

Classified staff fall under different guidelines, and are given automatic increases.  However, promotional reviews may be conducted for classified staff and information is found on the UW Compensation website. Classified staff job specifications and pay scales can be found on the Compensation site as well.

Contact Abby Zorn at when beginning any of the above actions so that she may facilitate the process for you.

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